Five menswear which can turn a man suave

Who doesn’t want to look elegant and appealing at the same time? Men, as they grow older, love to look manlier leaving their boyish look behind. There are ways in which a man can present himself, dress up and appear suave and again irresistibly charming. When we imagine a manly man, dressing up in formals comes to our mind. Formals do have a certain charm but a few semi-casual outfits too can give the coveted look. Here is the list of five menswear, which he must add to his collection. 

Blazers and tuxedos 

Men tend to become fashion forward when they are asked to dress up in formals. And needless to say, blazers top the list. A man in a well-fitted black blazer can have that quintessential Bond look. But being subtly experimental with his blazers can enhance his cool quotient, like wearing blazers with printed tees and jeans while attending parties. Tuxedos are the ultimate glam thing a man can wear. But tuxedos need to be well trimmed with that smooth plush fabric which will give a regal touch to his suavity.  

Suits and formal trousers

To pair with the royal tuxedos or blazers, suits are must. Suits must be of luxuriant and smooth texture. The fabric must match with the shirt or blazer they are paired with. Men can try formal trousers with half sleeved shirts or any kind of formal shirts, which all can be availed at a reduced price using Noon voucher codes. A tall frame in well fitted trousers and shirts with stubble on his face, specs on eyes will appear simple but elegant any day, especially at work.


Relatively newer in the fashion world, chinos have curved a niche already and seem appealing to men and adorable to women. Chinos are super modish yet cool. They are semi casual wear which can be teamed up with almost anything. Actually they give a casual touch to the mundane formal look and have something intriguing in them that make men appear elegant also. Men can wear them with comfort at any office party or at a friend’s place. Chinos in pastel hues paired with a white shirt or a black one with Chinese collar or a printed denim shirt boost the wow factor.

Formal shirts – checkered or plain black & white

Formal shirts are simply versatile and if rightly chosen can make man appear elegant. Formal shirts can be everyday wearable for many purposes. A man in a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and blue denim can appear classy, right from the pages of Disney land. Men can sport plain black shirts or printed ones in any party and look suave. But what can make men of any body type look good are the checkered shirts. Intricate checks or Scottish checks of chocolate, black, blue or red or offbeat colors of light green or grey will all rock.

Semi-casual rolled up shirts

In a body hugging nicely fitted shirt, with rolled up sleeves that flaunt his toned arms and biceps, the man may look irresistible. Semi casual shirts of full sleeves or tucked sleeves can be teamed with jeans and chinos. They actually add a cool factor to the sober look, perfect for men of any age. A man can also throw on a checkered shirt over his regular tee and look that refreshing. Get your favorite tee from famous brands at an affordable price with Noon voucher codes.

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